Tracy Womack is a glass artist with more than thirty years of experience working with molten glass. This type of work is called "flamework" and/or "lampwork". Each piece is hand formed from solid rods of glass which are heated in a torch flame until molten, and shaped into the desired form.

To create her pieces, Tracy first makes her own colored rods from clear rods, glass powders, and frit (ground up glass), which provide her with a broad and unique color palette. Tracy's exquisite use of color and her expert rendering of form is what sets her work apart in the world of art glass.

"When I discovered the use of powders and frits I began 'painting' with glass."

Tracy has made many different designs over the years. Her love of the ocean shows in her marine-life pieces as well as in her seascape pendants and earrings which she literally "paints" with glass powders. Tracy also specializes in Memorial Pieces. These pieces combine the cremated remains of a loved one with Tracy's beautiful jewelry or sculpture.

Tracy studied Fine Art, specifically painting, at the University of Arkansas and went on to learn the art of flameworked glass in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. She resided in Germany for four years further refining her style and supporting herself by selling her work on the street markets (Stadfests) and Christmas markets (Weihnachtsmarkte).

Tracy lives and works just a short walk from the beach in St. Augustine, Florida. Visitors are welcome to her studio by appointment. Her work is available in many fine galleries throughout the country.

"After so many years of working with molten glass I find I never tire of it... I think because it is such an alive and beautiful medium." - Tracy Womack

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